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Since its publication in the United Kingdom in 1976, "Business Traveler" has now been published in 10 countries and regions: United Kingdom, United States, Asia Pacific, China, Middle East, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and Africa. Its Asian edition, the world-famous travel magazine for the Asian region, "Business Traveler Asia-Pacific," is published 10 times a year in 18 Asian countries, and includes airport lounges, major hotels, and more than 17 airlines. In addition to being installed in business centers, it is also sold in bookstores.

Business Traveler Asia-Pacific provides the latest news and trends to provide the best travel experience for business travelers in Asia and those traveling to Asia for business or private travel.
Packed with quality features, news and criticism, the magazine continues to captivate readers with its expertise and insight, with intelligent and warm content.

The method of delivering corporate and local government information to business and private travelers can be published not only in pure advertisements in magazines but also in advertorials (English).

It is effective to use Business Traveler to convey the existence and attractiveness of Japanese companies and tourist information in Japan that are not yet fully known overseas, and it is considered to be an important medium as a point of contact for promoting inbound tourism. I will.

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