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"The best time heaven"

Tokyo information & support for expanding into China

(Inbound & outbound support activities)

Seiundo supports the overseas expansion of domestic companies based on the overseas activity results of the fashion business, making use of its unique human network in Beijing and Hong Kong. We are developing our own hospitality service to further promote the "Visit Japan Project" promoted by the Government of Japan.

As a service for foreign tourists (inbound) visiting Japan , mainly in China, our dedicated staff will support overseas customers visiting Japan. As part of a special shopping plan for the wealthy, we bring together the latest fashion brand products from around the world.

We are fully equipped with a comfortable showroom where you can relax while trying on.

Experienced staff who have worked on famous Chinese actresses and magazine styling will support you from product proposal to fashion coordination. We will propose a special plan that will satisfy Chinese customers, such as tax exemption, QR payment system for Chinese customers, use of UnionPay card, special price offer, food and drink hospitality service, etc.

For companies planning to expand into China or visit, we will provide local interpretation, guidance and other accompanying services, as well as various support services related to overseas business utilizing special connections.

* All plans are for corporations only. Not available to individual customers. Please contact us by email for details.

Stevie Winner Profile: From Cultural Revolution to Couture

Chino Nakagome, CEO of Seiundo Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan, was named Sales Education Leader of the Year in the sales awards categories of the 2010 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service for her role as a fashion educator in China. The final entry deadline for the 2011 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service is December 31.

≪China oggi≫ Fashion Photo Session at Shanghai

"Actress Takanori" x revi's "styling

Shanghai / Professor Chino (Chino Nakagome) & Actress Gao Yuanyuan

Beijing / Professor Chino & Actress Zhang Jingchu

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