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Information transmission communication by installing LED vision

At our company, as one of the means of communicating information to promote communication,

We propose content distribution with fully customizable LED vision.

LED vision that enables free layout and powerful image expression

Produces vivid images even in harsh lighting conditions such as direct sunlight.

[What is digital signage]

It is a system that displays images and images using electronic devices such as displays and sends out information such as advertisements, news, and information. It is also called an electronic signboard, a liquid crystal signboard, a digital bulletin board, or an electronic display.

Unlike printed signboards, digital signage can catch the eye of passers-by because the content shines and changes as an image. It is also possible to output sound by attaching a speaker and interlocking it. It is convenient because you can automatically change the display according to the time by updating the content and managing the schedule from a remote location by connecting to a network such as the cloud. In addition to its use as an advertisement, it is widely used for store guidance, route guidance, communication tools, etc.

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