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Photo session

Portrait photo session by professional photographers have taken the Hollywood stars and domestic celebrities overseas

Corporate photography service

Photographs play an important role in conveying the corporate image.

Photos convey a visual image, along with messages from representatives and executives to stakeholders and the voices of employees who protect the site.

Original shot images that professional photographers express the charm of your company can be used as original content in various scenes such as representative profiles, company information, recruitment pages, sales tools, etc.


Shooting service for business owners

Professional photographers cut out the facial expressions of representatives that lead to attractive corporate images such as "trust, honesty, flexibility, will, vitality, and intelligence."

​ You can use the image of the representative as important content of the corporate brand in various information transmission.

Choose the 10 best facial expressions to suit your scene from a variety of facial expressions and poses spanning about 200 cuts.

Employee introduction image shooting service

Unlike the image of the external model purchased from the stock image, the lively and real photograph of the employee fosters a sense of intimacy.

In order to convey the real atmosphere of a company through information dissemination such as homepages and pamphlets, it is best to use images actually taken, but it is difficult to take images that enhance the impression of the audience in-house. ...

A professional photographer instantly captures the best facial expressions of the employee who is the subject in a short time and provides it as data.


Business trip shooting

Bring the equipment to your company and shoot. We support both indoors and outdoors.


​ Studio shot

Please come to a dedicated studio in Roppongi or a designated studio in Tokyo. * There are various conditions

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