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Metropolitan area station square supermarket signage media

Overwhelming ability to attract customers! Approach 6 million people a month!


This media is an advertisement distribution plan using digital signage media at supermarkets centered on electric railway supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where all types of customers frequently visit.

Due to the demand for Korona-ka, the frequency of visits to supermarkets in the living area is increasing, so the station square x supermarket is a location that meets a wide range of advertising needs.

Many store signage media at supermarkets in front of stations are installed in front of station ticket gates and near store entrances in front of stations, and it is possible to repeatedly appeal to consumers who use the station on a daily basis.

Estimated number of approaches (image of the number of visitors)
Over 6 million people a month!

合計104店舗 619万人 ※増加中

・Odakyu OX






​ You can choose the area and store!

Since it is possible to specify areas and stores (segments), it is also effective for disseminating information on local communities and local businesses.


Arousing attention with video and audio

It is possible to attract attention not only by "video" but also by "audio" ♪

POS data can be reported

POS data can be reported for advertisements of products handled in stores.

​ * Extra charge

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