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Airport advertising / in-flight advertising

In the aircraft, the airport, lounge, reservation application, boarding procedures etc.

You can approach a wide range of people such as families and students, mainly business people. We can appeal to various segments such as business, pleasure, wealthy people, young people, etc., so we will propose the most suitable medium according to the target group, touch point, area, time, budget.

From your home or office to departure airports, lounges, in-flight aircraft, and arrival airports, you can approach using various contact points. In an in-flight environment where you spend a long time on board, you can approach with various media such as paper media, video and audio. It is effective not only for domestic flights but also for inbound local governments as it can reach people of various nationalities on international flights.

Examples of handling airlines

ANA (All Nippon Airways), JAL (Japan Airlines), etc.


Media kit

ANA is used by approximately 49.9 million people annually on both domestic and international flights.

Almost half of ANA is used for "business (business trip)" and "sightseeing / leisure".

74% of the age group is business people in their 30s to 50s with an average annual household income of 11.56 million yen.

ANA's international network, which boasts 42 cities, 65 routes, and 1,190 flights / week, enables advertising to be deployed worldwide.

We are also focusing on digital content such as in-flight Wi-Fi and ANA apps that have recorded a cumulative total of 3.5 million downloads.

The ratio of foreign passengers on international flights is about 50%. In particular, there are more than 60% of Asian routes.

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