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Minako Yokomori

Fashion designer, fashion advisor

Born in Tokyo, graduated from Kuwasawa Design School "BIGI" knit designer, BIGI "MELROSE" chief designer, Shibuya Seibu "SEED PROTO" director, men's BIGI "HALFMOON" chief designer, "BARBICHE" chief designer, World Co., Ltd. "smart pink" (Mrs. Casual) brand director, magazine house "anan" licensee, design director, part-time lecturer at Kuwasawa Design School, Kuwasawa Business School STRAMD fashion lecturer, director of Kuwasawa Design School Alumni Association, Co., Ltd. ) FM Tokyo Broadcasting Council member / deliberation chairperson

Regular once a month at Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd. Started the "MINAKO ★ YOKOMORI" brand at "Minako Yokomori's Real Closet". We propose fashionable daily wear with monthly coordination.


<Work announcement>
"Minako Yokomori's NEW Rikyu BAG Exhibition" Received the Kuwasawa Award <Design of the Year>


Asahi Shimbun Nagoya Sunday Edition "+ C" "Minako Yokomori's Fashionable Bassari!", Serialized every other week, Senken Shimbun column "Knowledge, Wisdom, Tomoyuki" Irregular serialization, "Wearing Yokomori Minako" "Skinny Magic!" (Shogakukan), "My Nursing Days" (Shogakukan), "Fashionable version upgrade of Minako Yokomori" (One Two Magazine), NHK baby boomer style "I want to be seen young and beautiful!" Unable to clean up clothes magic! ”(Shogakukan), Minako Yokomori's fashionable kimono coordination book (Aki Shobo),


NHK Education "Fashionable Studio" "Nicely Handmade", NHK E-Tele "Baby Boomer Style"


Mami Koide

Founder of "Nezo Art", broadcast writer, game scenario writer

Also known as "Kai Space Field" and "Mamyu Da"


The father's "learning revolution": "Kyoto University 3 brothers" Hotsuki family's "rule-breaking educational theory" (Shogakukan), manga "Hasumi de Yome ni Naru" (Shogakukan), book "Nezo Art Book-" HAPPY baby photo while sleeping ~ ”(Bunkasha)


<Main participating contents>

Fuji TV's "Quiz! Year Difference", "Heisei Education Committee", "Shonentai Yume"

Mobile game: "School trip Naisho no Koi" (Voltage)


The manga "Hotsuki-san Chi no Oyaji" was serialized in "Weekly Women's Seven" magazine, and the child-rearing manga "Children's Planet" series was serialized in "Sister Petit Comic" magazine.



Saiko Kumaou


Graduated from Meiji University

Shimamura Law and Accounting Office Affiliation

・ Sailor Pen Co., Ltd.   Outside Director (current position)  

・ Colowide Co., Ltd.  Outside Director (current position)

・ Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Member of the Judicial Reform Promotion Center

Member of Lawyer Business Reform Committee (SME)

Member of the General Law Institute (IT Law)

Member of the General Law Institute (Medical Law)

・ Meiji University Faculty of Law Preliminary Examination Paper Preparation Course Lecturer

・ Future Technology Promotion Association SDGs Facilitator

・ Grow with Google Trainer

・ Appari   Secretariat of the Drug Defense Study Group


・ G-test (AI generalist test)

・ FUJITSU Certified Professional AI

・ IT passport

・ Mental health management

・ Japan Cosmetics Test Level 1 

"Immediate practice! !! Electronic Contract ”Nihon Kajo Shuppan (co-authored)

"A new way of working in the cloud" NTT East official ch

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Sanyutei Yusuke


Rakugo (Yusuke), solo play, banquet art (Mamejiro), reception



Born in 1957. The first art was "Peko-chan" (Mame-chan was born) when she was 4 years old. An elementary school student performed a rakugo story "in class". Appeared on NHK Nodo Jiman in high school. In 1981, became a member of society and worked on banquet art and reception hosting and entertainment. Study abroad in the United States in 1987. Blend into the class with banquet art (Birth of Mamejiro). Became a Christian in 1998 and then joined the MCC Theater Company. Transferred to the theater company Southern Tento in 2011 when he was assigned to Thailand. Start playing alone. Returned to Japan in 2014, returned to the MCC theater company, and introduced Sanyutei Yuzo Master Rakugo Class. 2015 Rakugo first Takaza. (Birth of Yusuke)


<Holding material / achievements>

● Rakugo: “Tengu Judgment”, “Parent and Child Sake”, “Midori no Madoguchi” and others are growing.

● Drama: "Christmas Carol" (starring), "Pinocchio", "Cheers to you!" And others.

● Solo play: Drama of various parts of the Bible.

● Banquet art: I saw a solo opera, a solo chorus, an undersea broadcast of Okinoerabujima, the coming years, a high school math course, a German course, and a UFO! , Anna who relays Godzilla, Anna who entered the wrong way, etc.

● Reception: Moderator 20 times, 2 times on the spot, "Best Couple Proof" speech.


​ Takeshi Shida

​ Road Researcher

Born in 1943. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo in 1967.

Joined the Japanese National Railways. In 1983, he was the general manager of the General Affairs Department of the Osaka Railway Administration Bureau, and in 1960, he was the investigator of the Accounting Bureau of the head office. Joined Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai) in 1987, General Manager of Business Administration Office, General Manager of General Affairs Department in 1992, Managing Director in 1988, Senior Managing Director in 2012. In 2013, he also served as president of JR Tokai Real Estate, in 2014 he also served as president, and in 2010 he was an advisor.

After retiring, engaged in various local cultural contribution activities centered on tourism and highway culture, including the owner and director of the Tokaido Townspeople Life History Museum, the Ena City Tourism Association "Ena Tourism Ambassador", and a visiting professor at Asahi University. is doing.

■ Major books include the attractions and highlights of "Fifty-seventh Stations of the Tokaido" (Kotsu Shimbun Tokai Branch), 57th Tokaido (Wedge), Tokaido / Nakasendo Travel and Living (Shizuoka Shimbun).

■ Main local activities, etc. * Some

・ Lecture on the attractions of the former Tokaido at the Tourism Subcommittee of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
・ Organized the 1st Tokaido 57th Exchange Meeting (supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Shizuoka City) and gave a lecture on "Tokaido managed by the Shogunate" to promote exchanges between post stations. (2017)
・ Lecture at a lecture hosted by the Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry ・ Lecture on attracting guests to the post town, such as “How to enjoy highway sightseeing” at corporate associations, Rotary, Lions clubs, etc.
・ Organize "How to enjoy Tokaido and post stations and highlights".
・ Terakoya classrooms have been held in Tokyo and Shizuoka for over 10 years.
・ NHK Cultural Center planning supervision "Tokaido 6 inns (Kanbara-Maruko) and a trip to visit the surrounding attractions (2017), JR East / Adult Holiday Club, Chunichi Shimbun / Chunichi Culture School sponsored Takonoura district Introduction Local lectures are held irregularly.
・ Conducted 12 local lectures in the Shizuoka area and highway trips sponsored by Club Tourism.
・ "How to enjoy [Shukuba Town and Old Highway]" (published by NPO Lifelong Learning and Health and Welfare Promotion Center in 2012), "Modern Townspeople Life on Tokaido" (published by Tokaido Townspeople Life History Museum), 57 Next attractions and highlights of Tokaido (Kotsu Shimbun), "Tokaido 57th" (Wedge), "Tokaido and Nakasendo" (Shizuoka Shimbun), etc. are published to introduce the charm and model course of highway sightseeing.
・ Opening of Shida's residence, a nationally registered tangible cultural property (April 2001-)
・ Opening of "Tokaido Machiya Life History Museum" ・ Opening of "Kaido Exchange Center" (August 2018)
・ Lecture on "How to enjoy Tokaido" at The Open University of Japan.
・ Holding and lecture of "3rd Tokaido 57th Exchange Meeting" (sponsored by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, co-sponsored by Shizuoka Prefecture, co-sponsored by Mishima City, 2019)

・ March 2021 Organized the "4th Highway Exchange Meeting" in Gifu Prefecture, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Started online distribution in Korona-ka.

* Tokaido Machiya Life History Museum​

​ * 4th Highway Exchange Meeting

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Color coordinator, entrepreneur

Vice Chairman of China Fashion Color Association

Vice Chairman of China Hairdressing & Beauty Association

Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Commerce, Renmin University of China

Visiting professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Master's course guidance

Representative Director of Beijing Xiyi Color Culture Development Company


"Top 10 Chinese Economic Women's Year People" for 2 consecutive years in 2003 and 2004

2008, "China Reform and Opening 30 Years Outstanding Female Entrepreneur" Award

2008, “Top 10 Most Influential Chinese Women's People”


Akio Ozeki

Management consultants, advisors, bloggers

Representative Director of Studio 02 Co., Ltd.


Majored in business strategy theory and organizational theory at university. He was the first to learn management theory such as Drucker and joined the Bank of Yokohama. When he was young, he was seconded to the Kanagawa Shimbun, where he covered and wrote more than 200 companies as Japan's first bunker reporter. After that, he used his experience to open a public relations office at a bank. He has held major management departments such as planning department, sales planning department, and marketing department. In the financial crisis, he devised and planned the "BayStars commuter pass" to save the bank from bankruptcy. 2004 Chuo-Rinkan branch manager.
Established Studio 02 Co., Ltd. in 2006 for the purpose of supporting corporate management. While concurrently serving as a listed company officer, he develops writing and lecture activities in addition to supporting individual companies. The Industrial Promotion Corporation runs courses such as "Practical Lanchester Strategy," "Master of Meetings," and "The Secret of BtoB Strategy." The original theory "Creating a sales team that will surely achieve results", which is being given lectures in various places, has been evaluated as a practical and effective method by major real estate chains and manufacturer-affiliated car dealers. As a writer, he is writing a lot of original company analysis articles in magazines, online, etc.



All About Organization Management Guide, BLOGOS, J-CAST "President's Trouble Counseling Room-Listen to me", J-CAST "Sales are difficult-If you fix this, it will work!"



Diary of the president of Kumagaya, the hottest city in Japan


A top-ranked regular writer with a series of entries that exceed 100,000 accesses.


Shuta Tonosaki


Graduated from the Department of Photography, Tokyo Visual Arts. Started his career as a freelance photographer assistant at UR Daikanyama Studio.

In 2010, he went to the United States alone and started activities overseas. Since 2014, he has been to the UK and is based in the UK.

Currently, in addition to portrait photography for entertainers and business owners in Japan, he is active in a wide range of photography areas such as fashion magazines, catalogs, weddings, cooking, and photography.

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Mana Iwamoto


Representative Director of Japan Cosmetic Association, Advisory Doctor of Ginza TSUBAKI Clinic

Traveling Massage (R), Technical Supervisor, Cosmetic Producer, Cosmetology Journalist, Member of World Anti-Aging Medical Society


<Representative books>

"Learn from French education and child-rearing, a way of life that does not use erasers in life" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.), "The secret of lifelong romance learned from Madame in Paris" (Discover Twenty One), "For Japanese women "True skin care" (Yosensha), "Common sense of cosmetics that cannot be written in women's magazines" (Discover Twenty One), "Encyclopedia of Beauty" (WAVE Publishing), "Dr. Mana's no makeup skin power" (Kodansha) ), "Is it okay for Dr. MANA to have that kind of skin?" (Kodansha)



Dr.MANA's "Hadajikara Development Office / Branch Office", Dr.MANA "Southern France Communication" French Esprit together



Nippon Television "Refreshing !!", NTV "One minute deep story that changes your life"


Takada (Fujita) Yukari

Interpreter, Chinese Market Advisor, Chinese Lecturer

Graduated from Kyorin University Faculty of Foreign Studies (Chinese major). After getting a job at an outsourcing company, traveled to Dalian and Beijing, China, and engaged in call center management work.

Appointed as Teaching Asistant at Kyorin University Graduate School, and has been a part-time lecturer at the Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies since 2011.
Completed the Master's Program in Language and Communication, Kyorin University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Japanese-Chinese Interpretation and Translation Studies Course, and has been an assistant professor at the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyorin University since September 2012.

Responsible for beginner business Chinese language courses, business Chinese language courses, and research in the Chinese region. Received the Teacher of the Year 2014 in 2015.


Toshiro Iwashita

Strategic MC, Exhibition Booth Advisor

Born in 1975. A talker who controls the event. A hospitality researcher who is not passed through.


・ DVD release PR narration for the drama "35-year-old high school student" starring Ryoko Yonekura

・ Taihei Co., Ltd. Company description, opening video narration charge

・ I am in charge of the MC of the senior fashion show "Gamokore" and want to expand the range of MC.

・ P & B JAPAN2015 Kyuhan Co., Ltd. Exhibition MC.

・ Started booth research and researched 5,000 companies in order to think about ways for people to gather at the booth (know-how for attracting customers) without passing through.

Summarize the researched content on a blog and devise a unique strategic MC and customer service seminar. Shown at the open innovation exchange event "At the Roman Market".

・ Invented a "Presentation Imitation Theory Seminar" that imitates the skills of people who are good at presentations. Shown at the communication forum "If it's the edge of a well".


<< Strategic MC Exhibition Customer Service >>

《Presentation imitation theory》

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