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The positive impression at the time of the interview revives!

What is "Jibun Business Card"?

It is the strongest sales tool that objectively expresses "Jibun" itself as a highly likable character.

Take a "favorable photo" that gives shape to the positive "impression" when exchanging business cards.

By utilizing the photo, the "impression" will remain in the client's memory forever.

Keeping a record in the client's hand as a business card will always bring back the impression.

It is a business card that stands out among many business cards and can be remembered by looking at the pictures!

The photo of "Jibun Business Card" is different from the ID photo

Not a photo for identification purposes

This is a business card photo that is reminiscent of conversations and impressions.

Select the best shot from a huge amount of portrait shooting data.

Stand out with a business card holder

Lay out your photos simply and boldly.

Conspicuous among photo holders,

By having them look at the business card repeatedly, you will become familiar with it.


When exchanging business cards, after exchanging business cards, when organizing business cards, check the email address ,.

You can remember your face by looking at the pictures many times.

It is also very advantageous for re-interviews.

Remember the conversation

A good impression photo will positively remind you of the conversation content as well as the impression.

"How do you want to be remembered and impressed?"

The special business card is also effective as a self-branding tool.

-Example of backside variation of "Jibun Business Card" -

① A photo that expresses yourself

Career, achievements, hobbies, etc ...

Concisely write down important factors in self-branding and write them in an easy-to-understand manner.
You can also express a private side by inserting a picture of a scene different from the surface.

② Localize

It consists of a simple design and image for foreigners.

It is also effective to take a picture of the person wearing the national costume of the distribution destination.

In particular, it is difficult to identify people between races, so photographs that enhance the sense of intimacy are even more effective.

③ Main products and catch phrase

Edit the main products, business contents, and unique selling points with a written catch phrase.

Express important appeal points in an easy-to-understand manner with first contact.

④ Spell out your thoughts and keywords

Concisely express your mission and your desire to contribute to the other party, including selling points.

By adding passion to your business card, your image will be more attractive and effective with your photos.

"Jibun Business Card" is a treasure trove of conversation!

By changing the photo every year and exchanging business cards,

It is a communication tool that makes conversations more lively and makes it easier to collect various information.

We recommend updating the photo.

Exchanging business cards many times is also an important element of communication formation.

By regularly exchanging business cards with photo updates, you can see the latest status of the other party.

If you inadvertently forget your partner's name at a party, you can get a new business card.

-We accept the production of "Jibun Business Cards"-

[Basic set plan contents]

Studio shot

Mare make

Posing instruction

Business card design


Image processing

Business card printing

* We also accept business trip photography.

* You can choose from several types of business card paper.

For more information, please feel free to contact us from the following.

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