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Supports strategic communication of companies by utilizing unique ideas and unique networks

As a PR agent, we will support a wide range of activities from PR agency to production of public relations magazines.

Support for Public Relations of companies


In addition to strengthening functional value such as differentiation from competing services, we also help create and disseminate semantic value that makes the image of corporate social value.

public relations

We provide support for various public relations activities. It can also be used as a PR agent utilizing an original network or as an outsource for partial operations.



We will create and distribute press releases on your behalf. We will identify the target, create a release manuscript from the submitted materials, and distribute it to up to 400 media.




We develop and provide various contents in collaboration with cultural people who have management contracts and partner companies.

Support contents such as main public relations work

● Publicity-related business support such as press releases, press releases, press kit production, etc.

● Distribution support for owned media, SNS, etc.

● Public relations magazine, company profile, various report production support

● Support for planning and management of event exhibitions, etc.

● Support for various news distribution

● Production of photos, videos, and illustrations as content for distribution

● Exchange and information exchange with local governments and related organizations

● Creation of tools for CI, business cards, uniforms, personalized products, etc.

● Support for planning and activities related to CSR and CSV

● Planning support for ESG, SDGs, etc.


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