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Privacy Policy

Seiundo Co., Ltd. considers that protecting personal information and using and managing it appropriately is a social responsibility for our business activities.

In order to fulfill this responsibility, we will implement the following initiatives and carry out our business.

<About collection, use and provision of personal information>

We will establish a system to protect and manage personal information and collect, use and provide it appropriately.

<Safety measures for personal information>

We will take reasonable preventive and corrective measures against risks to personal information (unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information) to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information.

<Law / norms regarding personal information>

We will comply with laws and norms regarding personal information.

<Personal information protection efforts (compliance program)>

In order to properly protect personal information, we will continuously strive to improve and improve our efforts.

<Handling of personal information>

1. 1. About acquisition and use purpose and management of personal information

We collect the following personal information for the purpose of using it only for inquiries of our service, and manage it appropriately in accordance with laws, norms and internal rules regarding personal information.

1) Customer's name (last name, first name, furigana)

2) Customer's company name (name / furigana)

3) Email address

1. 1. Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

The personal information you provide will be provided to our business consignees only within the scope of the purpose of use.

In addition, in any of the following cases, personal information may be disclosed or provided without the consent of the user.

1) With the consent of the person

2) When we judge that it will be disadvantageous to a third party

3) When a court, public prosecutor's office, police, bar association, or an organization with similar authority requests disclosure of personal information

1. 1. About the result that will occur if you do not provide personal information

We ask you to provide personal information only for the purpose of responding to inquiries about our services.

If you do not receive your personal information, we may not be able to respond to your inquiries.

1. 1. About transmission of personal information data from this homepage

You can check the information entered on this website in the Terms of Service and Additional Terms.

<Information to ask customers who use this site>

This site is operated for the purpose of posting corporate information of Seiundo Co., Ltd. and information on services provided by our company.

When using this site, we may ask for personal information in some contents (inquiries, emails, application for job offers, etc.).

The information we ask for is mainly personal information, such as your name, email address, telephone number, and address, which is required when providing information.

In addition, we may ask other questions, but this is something that you can choose, except for the minimum necessary items, and you can provide it at your own discretion.

In addition, we will not modify the information we receive without your consent.

We will properly manage the personal information entrusted to us by our customers, and will not disclose or provide the personal information itself to any third party except in the following cases. However, we may disclose information to cooperating companies, affiliated companies and business consignment companies that have a confidentiality agreement with us. Even in that case, as with our company, we will comply with the rules regarding information handling, manage it, and oblige the contract clause to keep the information confidential and manage it with us.

<When disclosing information>

1) With the consent of the customer

2) When we disclose to the outsourced company to the extent necessary to provide the service desired by the customer

3) When there is a legitimate request from the governmental authorities

We will take necessary measures to the extent reasonable to protect the privacy of customers who visit this site.

We may revise the above policy. In that case, all revisions will be notified on this site.

<Governing law>

This site is under the control of Seiundo Co., Ltd.

This site can be accessed from countries all over the world with different laws, but both those who access this site and our company have Japanese laws regarding the use of this site regardless of such differences in legal principles. And agree to be bound by the ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In addition, we do not describe or display on this site whether the content of this site is appropriate in the environment of the person who accessed it. Access to this site is at the discretion of the person who accessed it, and the responsibility for using this site lies with the person who accessed it.


The information posted on this site may be changed or updated without notice, and we may change the service information and programs described on this site without notice.

Use of this site is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of various information obtained from this site and other websites linked to this site.

[Supplementary Provisions] These Terms of Use will apply from October 1, 2014.

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