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QR code payment is a service that allows you to pay for shopping using a smartphone app.

Payment is completed simply by scanning the QR code displayed on the customer's smartphone with the dedicated app installed on the smartphone or tablet by the store. Customers can shop smoothly without cash because they have registered their credit card or bank account in the QR code payment app in advance.

In addition to increasing demand for foreign visitors to Japan to meet inbound demand such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, new entrants to QR code payment services are continuing, and the government is promoting cashless payment. Therefore, the market size is expected to expand rapidly.
The domestic QR code payment market is said to expand to 8 trillion yen in 2023.

QR for inbound demand!

It is compatible with "Alipay" and "WeChat Pay", which are used by many customers from China.

The QR code payment service provides customers with points according to the amount used and campaigns. All points etc. are borne by the service provider, so there is no cost to the store. If you introduce a QR code payment method with abundant services that are used by many customers from China, you may be able to attract customers who want to use points or become repeaters.


Easy and easy payment!

If you have a smartphone, there is no initial cost!


As with credit cards, the commission is only a few percent of the sales amount

We can also prepare smartphones with printers exclusively for stores!

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