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Produce high quality videos of various genres

We produce videos of all genres such as company introduction, recruitment, and product introduction videos.

There are many expression methods such as CG, live-action, and animation videos.

Produce high quality original videos at a reasonable price.

Service introduction

We will explain the service in an easy-to-understand manner with a video. It is also possible to create animated videos using manga.

Recruitment / Recruit

Interviews will be conducted to express the real appeal of the company's business and history, the thoughts of senior employees, and career paths.

Description of item

The function and performance of the product are expressed in a video. It is also possible to produce image videos that express the effect using CG.

Seminar video

Contents that are difficult to express in words are also expressed in an easy-to-understand manner with CG and recorded videos. Liven up the venue with voice and music.

Company introduction (CM)

You can also express the company's mission, achievements, direction, business content, etc. using illustrations and CG.

Customer testimonials

We will collect and edit customer feedback. You can use real customer feedback (impression) on your homepage or EC site.

Exhibition video

We will explain the new products in an easy-to-understand video. Express the features of the product attractively by using voice and music together.


Create a video of the work process and points to note. Uniformity can be achieved by sharing the same video with all employees during the training.


[Free consultation / hearing]

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form.


[Meeting / Proposal]

After asking about the background and purpose of the video production request, the request for production, etc., we will propose the plan, composition content, and rough estimate.


[Formal ordering and production start]

We will exchange production rules and other purchase orders. If you have any questions about the copyright of videos and videos, secondary usage rights, etc., please check before ordering.


[Shooting / Editing]

Shooting and material production. Professional editorial staff will add background music, narration, telops, effects and graphics to the shooting and image materials to create a single work.


[Video check]

After the video is completed, we ask the customer to check the video before delivery, and make final corrections such as video composition, design, image quality, BGM, narration, and telop.



We will deliver according to the usage such as WEB page, TV broadcasting, DVD playback, SNS, etc.
Normally, it takes about one month from the start of production to delivery.


[After-sales follow-up]

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems or want to know about the video even after delivery.

■ Production example: Company introduction

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■ Production example: Store introduction