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Network media "Forbes" with influential millionaires who move the world economy

We handle the US version of "Forbes" and the Asian version of "Forbes Asia". There will be a review at the time of publication.

Extending The Forbes Brand Of Journalism In Asia

Forbes Asia serves as Asia-Pacific's definitive voice celebrating entrepreneurial capitalism and business.

Each issue identifies and profiles Asia's noteworthy individuals – from the richest people to the most powerful businesswomen and to the most philanthropic, and the executive ranks of the most dynamic companies – from the up-and-comers to the best big corporations. Forbes Asia presents Written and edited specifically for Asia-based top management, entrepreneurs and those aspiring to positions of corporate leadership, every issue of Forbes Asia gives equal weight to original Asia specific articles and the best of Forbes from the rest of the world. In addition to Forbes Asia, Forbes' presence in the region also includes eight local editions: Forbes China, Forbes India, Forbes Indonesia, Forbes Japan, Forbes Korea, Forbes Mongolia, Forbes Thailand and Forbes Vi etnam. Forbes Asia and the eight local editions have a combined circulation of 500,000, offering marketers unparalleled access to senior business leaders in this prospering region.

Forbes Asia was first published in September 2005. Each issue introduces notable individuals in Asia, rich to female entrepreneurs, philanthropists, large corporations and dynamic enterprises that will join the ranks of large corporations in the future. * We are editing articles for business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate managers based in Asia. Forbes-style journalism provides Top Management ideas and reliable economic information to a special readership in Asian countries , including Asian Pacific entrepreneurs, millionaires and C-Suites. In the large Asian companies listed in Foebes Asia, individuals and their families make up a lot of wealth and have a wide range of decision-making powers. It will be a valuable medium that you can "pick up directly" because the decision makers are listed, such as visiting the homes of millionaires in Hong Kong and ranking the wealthy. * C-suite is a general term for positions that are responsible for business execution, such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), and CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Most people are involved in business purchasing (capital participation, business alliances, business acquisitions, etc.). Another characteristic is that many people are involved in global business regardless of the region of deployment.

86% Have business purchase involvement

Forbes Asia Rich Lists

Forbes Asia also spotlights the wealthiest people in the 12 markets in Asia. The Forbes Asia Rich Lists featured are also read by big business people, business leaders and the media. * 12 Markets ( Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, India, China, Indonesia)
Hong Kong Rich List
Australia Rich List
Malaysia Rich List
Japan Rich List
Korea Rich List
Thailand Rich List
Taiwan Rich List
Singapore Rich List
Philippines Rich List
India Rich List
China Rich List
Indonesia Rich List

Forbes Asia Signature Events

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