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"Walking the 53 Stations of the Tokaido" A picture scroll work that you can appreciate at home

[Full-scale picture scroll]

Hiroshige Utagawa "Hoeidou version" Tokaido Goho Sanji Emaki (Boston version)

<World's first! Full-scale reproduction! Special art printing >

Best of Best Selection of Private Works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

We have carefully selected and precisely restored the best preserved works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's Bigelow Collection and Spalding Collection, which are prohibited from being open to the public. The curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston participated in the color adjustment with the original, and using the traditional craftsmanship that Japan is proud of and Echizen Torinoko Washi, we realized a very complete reproduction in full size.

The world's first Tokaido Gosho tertiary picture scroll that can be viewed as if traveling on the Tokaido by combining all 55 Ukiyo-e prints into a single continuous scroll by fusing the latest advanced printing technology with the skills of Japanese picture scrolls. It has become.

[Kochizu version]

53 Stations of the Tokaido (Complete Edition, Tokyo / Kanagawa Edition, Shizuoka Edition)

"Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido" and "Tokaido Kiso Ryodochu Hoho Zukan" posted

A new type of ukiyo-e picture scroll that allows you to combine and appreciate ukiyo-e that represent Edo culture and old maps.
You can experience the fashion and timeliness of the time expressed by ukiyo-e, the realistic spatiality drawn on old maps, and the commentary that tells the world view in historical and detailed manner.
It is the best product for foreigners visiting Japan and as a souvenir to take overseas.

<Notes on "Kochizu version">

-Unlike the Boston version above, each picture scroll of the "Kochizu version" has both an ukiyo-e and an old map .

・ The ukiyo-e prints in the "Kochizu version" were created by modern digger and rubber , and are not the actual size .

・ In the "Kochizu version", the background of the times and explanations of the post stations are written in Japanese and English.

-The "Kochizu version" is a colored map of an old map with the location and line of sight that Hiroshige is presumed to have drawn.

* Click the image below to go to the purchase page for each product. There are "Boston version" and "Kochizu version", so please be careful not to make any mistakes.

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Masterpieces from the Spaulding Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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