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Ads to credit card member magazine

"Ladybugs" "express"

Information magazine for active seniors and gold members

Active seniors who are particular about their own satisfaction, have a strong desire to learn, and have a strong intellectual curiosity and purchasing motivation. Among them, we will place an advertisement in Quality Magazine, which proposes rich connections between people and things, to Gold members who are excellent customers of UC Card and Saison Card.

An active senior who creates a new lifestyle from time to time and leads the "100 years of life". High consumer confidence, backed by abundant financial resources, is receiving a lot of attention. The media of readers is UC Gold and Saison Gold members who are active in using cards in their 40s and above, mainly active seniors.

In addition, the reading rate of families is high, and it boasts a high opening rate mainly for married couples.


Circulation and attributes

"Ladybugs" 450,000 copies

"Express" 150,000 parts

We deliver directly to your home.


* Since the gender is a contractor, it seems that many female customers are actually reading it.

* The media is mainly for readers (contractors) in their 60s and above.

* Approximately 95% of readers are in their 40s or older.

* More than half are readers in the Kanto area.

* 80% to 100% are Gold members (high-income earners and good customers).

Advertising variation

・ Table 4 advertisement (Table 4)

・ Tie-up advertisement (middle 4C)

・ Pure advertisement (middle 4C1P)

・ Included (A4 or less and 30g or less)

For more information, in the form name, contact information, fill out the necessary information such as company name, please give me a document request.

Please note that there are examinations and posting conditions regarding the content and purpose of posting .

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