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Manga production points_Vol.1

~ Touch tailored to the readership ~

["Ukeru Touch (painting style)" differs depending on the readership! ?? ]

Commercial manga is often used in leaflets, booklets, and web media of companies and government offices.

Illustrations and manga have high visual effects, and the main reasons for their introduction are that they are "conspicuous," "easy to understand," "easy to understand," and "improve the atmosphere."

However, on the other hand it is the overlooked tend with, is that "if they were produced in touch tailored to appeal you want readers?".

If you simply use illustrations and manga, it will be more "friendly" and "easier to understand" than the paper with only text and photos, but "what kind of readers will the adopted illustrations and manga stick to?" Regarding the very important point, "Is it a touch?", There are many cases where the creator or the creator vaguely uses "a picture that a manga artist can draw" without researching.

If you draw with a touch that the target readers are not interested in, the effect will be low when you use manga.

If you introduce manga in consideration of "Which touch is stabbed in the targeted readership?", Not only "friendliness" and "easiness to understand" but also readers "want to read" and "contents" It creates an appealing power that makes you want to know.

[Example explanation Is the production side misunderstanding the "touch of the picture received by elementary school students"? ]

For example, what about "printed matter targeting elementary school students"?

Let's take a look at the difference between the printed matter distributed free of charge by government offices, the illustrations used in books sold by publishers, and the "touch of pictures" in manga, based on examples. Let's do it.

(A) Illustration example of a leaflet for elementary school students used in free printed matter of government offices


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: "JAS mark for living"


Financial Services Agency: "Living and Finance"

(B) Examples of books for learning materials for elementary school students that are selling well


Shueisha: Learning Manga Japanese Biography "Oda Nobunaga"


Natsumesha: "Music Biography" * Entered Amazon's best-selling ranking


Poplar Publishing: "Animal Detective Mia"

The former (A) free leaflet issued by the government office is idyllic when expressed poetically, and is an illustration of "a touch that seems to be easy for elementary school students to understand" that adults think.

The latter (B), "Illustrations of books that elementary school students themselves like to pick up" published by each publisher and actually sold as commercial magazines, is more "aggressive manga touch" than A. I have.


Even if you make a manga book with the type of pattern used for leaflets of government offices, it may be picked up by "grandfather / grandmother generation who wants to give a book to the grandchildren of elementary school students", but the elementary school student himself It will be difficult for the parents and their parents to enjoy it, and their appeal will be considerably reduced.


Such as learning materials and children's literature, the first place "What seems difficult Te hard" for "approachable difficulty likely" that there are many, beyond the hurdle of "the difficulty of content" and "interest is difficult to spring", and the number of sales In order to increase the number of children, it is necessary to devise "drawing with an image that seems to be fun".

For that purpose, we should adopt "a picture with suction power that elementary school students involuntarily pick up = a picture with an extreme manga touch and a game illustration touch".


In addition, the characters of existing popular manga brands such as "Doraemon", "Detective Conan" (Shogakukan), "Chibi Maruko-chan" (Shueisha), and "Oshiri Detective" (Poplar Publishing) are especially explosively popular. It is a series of learning materials that attends "contents that are difficult to get along with", but even if you are not a popular manga brand, there is a good chance that you will be interested in picking up "edgy illustrations".

[Example of making a "hard-to-reach paperback" for young people into explosive sales with illustrations and manga]

By the way, around 1990, when young people's "aliteracy" was regarded as a problem, Shueisha had an explosive sales of Japanese literature paperbacks, which became a hot topic.
The content of the masterpiece remains the same, but the cover page has been changed to an "edgy illustration" drawn by a popular manga artist preferred by young people.
The target is mainly "junior high and high school students to 20s", but Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human" paperback sold 75,000 copies in a month and a half, and was said to be an "abnormal situation" in the Japanese literature paperback market. At the same time, other "manga artist cover" titles also had exceptional sales.


Shueisha Bunko: "Osamu Dazai: No Longer Human"


Shueisha Bunko: "Ryunosuke Akutagawa: Hell Weird"


Shueisha Bunko: "Osamu Dazai: Run, Melos!"

"Modern manga touch" played the role of letting young people who are "aliteracy" pick up the "Japanese literature" by imagining the contents with just the manga picture on the cover. is.
Facial expressions and scenes that are attractive and likely to be something ... It is the effect of "manga touch" that appeals (appeals) at a glance.

Books that read Dragger's "management", which is a charisma of business administration, from a fresh perspective became a hot topic, but similar books that "read difficult contents with manga" were published one after another for working people, and now there is only one. It is like the genre of.

Companies that are actively hiring are producing company leaflets, booklet media, etc. for "new graduates", but in order to make the best use of the "comic content" tool for students called "company introduction" Manga is also very effective as the content of.
However, in order to succeed in the first approach of "getting picked up" and "getting understood" and achieving the results of "getting interested in the company" and "getting a job", it is done at government offices etc.
One effective method may be to adopt "edgy illustrations and manga for young people" instead of the safe illustrations.

[Effects of manga that even people who don't feel like reading "somehow"]

The world is full of printed matter with beautiful texts and photos. For example, when free leaflets are lined up at a bank, they are drawn in the leaflets of illustrations and photos with a conspicuous "edgy cartoon". What if you can see the leaflet that is printed?

It is very conspicuous, and unlike a text-only reading material, it looks "read immediately" and "looks a little interesting", so many people may somehow pick it up and read it with interest while looking at it.

At the time of "edgy cartoon touch" , instead of safe illustrations like common free leaflets and cartoon pictures that are not appealing to the target audience, young people "different", "look interesting", "understand their generation" There is a possibility that you will be perceived as "I can trust you".

[It will have an impact if you draw it from a famous cartoonist ...]

The best way to introduce "edgy manga touch" manga is to ask a professional cartoonist who actually serializes the manga in a commercial magazine subscribed to by Target or publishes a book. , In general, there is a problem that "the fee is expensive" or "there is a high possibility that you will not be able to draw" when requested through a general production company.

The company, since it has produced a large number of comics in the famous magazine and book "shareholder communication" by comic artists who are active in "invitations", "About Us," "adopted tool", "WEB content", "brochure", etc., If you have any questions or concerns regarding business manga or tool production, please feel free to contact us.
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