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Event performance information

Please enjoy the representative performances that are easy to understand even for those who are new to "Noh" and "Kyogen".

"Sumidagawa" set in Tokyo, the venue of the Olympics, and the familiar Kyogen "Tsuko".

One of the attractions of this event is the commentary on the musicality of Noh.

We are planning to provide information in Japanese and English at the venue so that foreign customers can enjoy it.


Noh play “Sumida-gawa River”

I want to convey the power of Noh ~ Embrace of my mother At that time, something that impresses my heart ~
Pass on the Noh Way of Embracing — Mother's love, deeply seated in the heart —

This is on the banks of the Sumida River in Tokyo hundreds of years ago. Today, it is crowded with people who board the ferry at Dainenbutsu.

A woman who is indignant appears there. He asked for the whereabouts of his only son who had been kidnapped, and arrived all the way from Kyoto. It was the end of a long journey that I walked while expressing the crazy feelings of being robbed of my child with the art of going eastward. Eventually, on the ferry, she hears that a boy, who was taken by a merchant, had reached the end of his non-work on this riverbank just a year ago. Now, a lot of people are gathering in front of the mound on the opposite bank and mourning.
Then the woman changes her complexion and asks the captain about the boy in quick succession. Around the age of a boy, his name, his father's name ... Finally, he called himself "I am the mother of the child."
What I saw earlier when the Sumida River in spring and the mother of pain chanted "Namu Amida Butsu" ...


"Maka Performance" Noh "Sumidagawa"

Thank you for being sold out!

● Start date and time

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Starts at 12:00 (scheduled to end at 15:00)

* Changed from Saturday, June 27, 2020

● Location

Hosho Noh Theater * Map

1-5-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku , Tokyo 113-0033

3 minutes walk from the East Exit of JR Suidobashi Station 1 minute walk from Exit A1 of the Toei Subway Line

● Explanation

Music of Noh "Sumidagawa"


"Miwa" Miwa
Shite Takeshi Takashi 

Ground: Toshiki Asakura Other flute: Takahiro Fujita

Kotsuzumi: Yuji Morisawa Otsuzumi: Kazuyuki Harada

Taiko: Masato Kodera

● Kyogen Kyogen

" Bushi" Busu
Mansaku Nomura

● Noh Noh

"Sumidagawa" Sumida-gawa River
Shite Yasuyuki Imai

Armpit: Kenkichi Tonoha Child: Yoshi Mizukami

Ground: Yusuke Kanai, etc. Whistle: Satoshi Tsukiya

Kotsuzumi: Koshingo Otsuzumi: Mitsuo Yasufuku

* Information will be provided in Japanese and English at the venue. The contents of the program are subject to change.

Shite Houshou flow ※: Of the Yamato Sarugaku tetradentate, Toyama (jump) style to the headwaters of the seat.

* Yasuyuki Imai: Hosho style Nogaku artist. Studied under the 18th Soya Hosho hero.

* Mansaku Nomura: Holder of important intangible cultural properties (living national treasure)


Seating chart


Organizer: Maka Co., Ltd.

Cooperation: Public Interest Incorporated Association Treasure Association, E-Art Co., Ltd.

Co., Ltd. Shizukumodo

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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Hiroshige Utagawa Hoeidou version

Tokaido Goji' tertiary picture scroll

Performance video

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