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Effective for attracting customers and promoting understanding !

Professional cartoonists buy companies and products

It is described clearly in a small number of pages!


Promote communication with rich emotional expressions!

Business Manga Production (BMP)


stand out! easy to understand!

Business-friendly cartoon production

Business Manga Production (BMP)

"Introduction to Manga de"

It is a proprietary business specification format that can be used as content for various tools.

It is used for shareholder communications, recruitment tools, company information, manuals, product explanations, public relations magazines, president introductions, etc. Contents that are difficult to express in sentences are popular as "easy to understand!" In manga.

Professional manga artists who publish serials and books of famous magazines and veteran editors will interview and propose stories, directions, frame divisions, etc. It can also be used as homepage content.

Automobile manufacturers, trading companies, local governments, food manufacturers, steel manufacturers, consulting, amusement, equipment systems, software, robots, AI systems, advertising companies, banks, trust banks, printing companies, metal processing, market research, parts manufacturers, machine manufacturers, We have a track record of producing pharmaceuticals, real estate, insurance companies, electric power companies, etc. Please feel free to contact us.

* Especially in the production of manga used in business, it is important to understand the business in advance and read the materials, but it has been highly evaluated as "I did not think that it would do so much!". For example, in the following cases, please contact us. A female veteran editor and a female professional manga artist will carefully create plans and stories. In addition to interviews such as shooting, online consultations and meetings such as Zoom are also possible, so please contact us from the inquiry form first (nationwide correspondence is possible).

Business introduction manga

I will explain the points of the company's business in an easy-to-understand manner.

It is also used in company information for job seekers.

Product introduction manga

Explain the utility of the product and the secret story of development in an easy-to-understand manner. We also support leaflets within A4 size.

WEB advertising manga

Service explanations that are difficult to express are expressed in manga to make it easier to imagine. We can also deliver data according to the size of the advertisement.

History commentary manga

We will explain the secret story of the company's founding, the history of the company, and the history of the region with manga. Making it into a manga makes it easier for young people to get interested.



  • By using manga as a recruiting tool, you can expect the effect of increasing the visibility rate and affinity. By utilizing our business manga that matches the younger generation who want to see manga, there is a possibility that job seekers will have a better understanding of the business.

  • Manga is also effective for middle and senior citizens. Especially in IT-related and highly specialized industries, it may be difficult to understand what kind of business it is, but if you explain it in a manga so that you can understand it intuitively, understanding of the business will be promoted and loyalty will increase. there is. It has also been highly evaluated in the questionnaire for shareholders of listed companies for individual investors. * Satisfaction 95.4%.

  • Since manga is a visual expression, it is easy for foreigners to understand and is also effective as web content. Since we produce based on the horizontal business format, we can translate and process manga produced in Japanese as it is into foreign languages such as English. * Vertical writing is also possible.



  • ​ Our "Manga de Introduction" is the first business manga production service adopted by the disclosure of a listed company in Japan.

  • Our original business format by a professional manga artist, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manga with a small number of pages that are easy to use as business content.

  • In the shareholder (individual investor) questionnaire, 95.4% of shareholders answered that they "advanced their understanding of the business" in our "Manga de Introduction". In addition, 89.1% of shareholders reported that they would like to recommend shares to their acquaintances (because they understood the business).

  • Since manga can express intangibles, futures, images, etc., it is expected to be particularly effective in intangible businesses where "I want you to understand the business content but it is difficult to explain in words".


  • You can produce with your desired style (touch). Not only can you select from the existing work list, but you can also create a new character of your choice after a meeting and create a "your original" character.

  • Recommendations vary depending on the target, story image, product, etc., so we can propose recommended characters after asking at Zoom etc.

  • Before production, you can also research the target group on the Internet about the style of painting.

  • Regarding manga stories, we will propose a story plan if you can provide materials such as purpose and products.


Main features of "Introduced in Manga"

❶ Basic A4, pages 1 to 4 (Kishōtenketsu)

❷ Business style horizontal writing left open (foreign language support)

❸ Heavy use of caricatures

❹ Produced by a professional cartoonist

* We also accept vertical writing right-opening manga, manga production (booklet version) that introduces 16 pages or more of company history and history, serialized manga, etc. Please contact us as the price plan varies depending on the production content.

Japan's first! Providing manga for shareholder communications

"Manga de Shareholder News"

Our original format

As expected, we want the companies to understand the business content properly and hold it for a long time ... When a company that introduced "Manga de Shareholder News" conducted a questionnaire to shareholders, 95.4% of shareholders promoted understanding. Acquired!


Shareholders whose manga produced by Seiundo helped promote understanding of the business


-From the second quarter report for the fiscal year ending March 2016, "Unirita News" P10 "Report of Shareholder Questionnaire"-

As a result of asking shareholders to complete a questionnaire in the report for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, we received responses from as many as 2,585 people (49.3% of the total number of shareholders). As a result, 95.4% of the respondents answered that the use of manga "promoted understanding" and "slightly improved understanding". We have received very high praise for using manga to explain our business in an easy-to-understand manner.

I will explain the technical terms in an easy-to-understand and polite manner using illustrations.

Translated into a foreign language to support diversity.

Manga is a cool global language!




As a corporate manga production provider (BMP), we will provide the best service from the customer's perspective.

We would like to introduce some of the voices received from customers who have used our service.

Q. Please tell us how you planned and considered manga production.

​A. Because I thought that comics with familiar characteristics at first glance would be suitable as a means to convey new and difficult-to-understand new functions to users.

Q. Please tell us why you chose us.

A. We have a lot of talented writers, it was easy to get an image by presenting samples such as drawings at the first interview, the estimated price was reasonable, and we were able to closely follow the requirements.

Q. What was the advantage compared to other companies? (Price, quality, correspondence, etc.)

A. I felt that the ability to meet directly with the artist gives us a high degree of accuracy and speed in communicating the requirements, and that we can improvise sample presentations, which is a strength that other companies do not have. Also, the quote was quite reasonable compared to other advertising agencies.

Q. Please rate your satisfaction on a 5-point scale.

​A. ★★★★★

We were able to respond in detail to frequent exchanges, we received proposals that added more value to our requirements, and we were able to respond with an unprecedented sense of speed.


Chairman of 3F Giken Tagaya Co. , Ltd.

Anyway, although we are making products that are unique in the world, it is not a commercial somewhere, but we can not get out of "people who know know".

To overcome this situation, we decided to use the world-class Japanese manga.
When selecting a vendor, I also considered the famous cloud-based outsourcing, but I was worried about the first hit and miss, so I ended up placing an order with Seiundo in Tokyo.

It is necessary for the ordering side to prepare a scenario for the place where the estimated amount is cheap, but it is no idea for me who has no experience.

Anyway, I asked him to make full use of e-mail and Zoom to explain the product and show the materials of the workshop so that he could make it from the rough draft.

Even though I didn't know anything about polishing, I asked him to study very well in a short period of time and make a manga that held down the points.


<Case> Unirita Inc.

"Introducing manga to shareholder communications for the first time with a unique idea"

UNIRITA is a business software maker, but there are many products and terms that are difficult and difficult for the general public to understand. Therefore, in order to convey the business content and profit structure to individual investors in an easy-to-understand manner, we asked them to understand our proposal with a unique idea, and we were the first in Japan to adopt manga in shareholder communication. I explain it in a 3-page manga as simply as possible with parables. This is a shareholder communication unique to UNIRITA, which offers new products and services with a unique idea and acts in the spirit of "altruism." And it is the president who explains to shareholders in the manga. I believe that the explanation of the president's portrait will give stakeholders a greater sense of intimacy and trust. This is an example of an initiative by a spokesperson to actively foster engagement through shareholder communications.

It can also be used on websites such as homepages and landing pages (LP).



<Case study> Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.


"Introducing new products with manga at stationery stores"


Mitsubishi Pencil has adopted "Manga de Introduction" to express the features of the new product in an easy-to-understand manner when producing new store fixtures in line with the launch of Jetstream's new 3-color ballpoint pen. I am. In order to express the features of new products in an easy-to-understand manner with fixtures that are deployed in the limited space of the stationery section, we have created a four-frame manga by a professional manga artist and appealed with a new expression method.

With the new product, black ink can be fed out by knocking on the rear end, so you can use black intuitively. In addition, the black ink is equipped with a long-lasting refill, so you can use black longer than before. The most commonly used "black" is easy to use in order to eliminate potential dissatisfaction and meet the needs of the three-color ballpoint pen that you use casually and to differentiate it from other companies' similar products (only black is like a single color pen). It can be operated by knocking at the rear end, and black can be drawn out without hesitation or searching.) And with a long-lasting refill that uses 170% of the amount of black ink compared to conventional products, it prevents dissatisfaction that only black ink disappears first and color mistakes. , Various product features such as reducing the trouble of core replacement due to running out of ink are expressed in manga.

​ * See the news release regarding this matter.

​ * See the Mitsubishi Pencil website

* The slide video below is a sample of this site that has been temporarily processed by the staff and is not broadcast at the store.


<Case> Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited

"Company profile with manga"

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited has been selling various types of paper since 1890. Because we are a company that handles "paper" that some people have an image that is not good for the environment, we are very conscious of the environment, and we are working on various innovations such as FSC, disaster prevention field, production production field. Innovative by expressing such new activities in manga, and by utilizing the company profile that expresses the image of a cozy company where women play an active role in manga, salespeople send information to customers. Is active in. Incorporating elements such as IR materials, CSR materials, company information, and company history into "manga". Using a real person as a model, a caricature creates a sense of intimacy!


<Case> Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited

"Company profile with manga"

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited has been selling various types of paper since 1890. Because we are a company that handles "paper" that some people have an image that is not good for the environment, we are very conscious of the environment, and we are working on various innovations such as FSC, disaster prevention field, production production field. Innovative by expressing such new activities in manga, and by utilizing the company profile that expresses the image of a cozy company where women play an active role in manga, salespeople send information to customers. Is active in. Incorporating elements such as IR materials, CSR materials, company information, and company history into "manga". Using a real person as a model, a caricature creates a sense of intimacy!


Rapyuta Robotics株式会社 様

Use caricatures with various touches to express emotions and promote understanding!

We make heavy use of caricatures and illustrations to express your company's solutions and social contributions in a concise and easy-to-understand manner with intimate emotional expressions. Various touches (drawing types) and colors such as illustration style, graphic novel style, American comic style, and mascot style are also available. Since it is drawn according to the desired atmosphere, it can be finished so that it blends naturally with the concept and other contents. We can also handle the production of characters only. Please feel free to contact us.


You can do "market research" before making manga!

What kind of story and touch (style of painting) is popular with the target audience?

If you are interested, you can also conduct an "Awareness Survey on Manga Content".

By creating questions based on some touches and synopses selected in advance and conducting an Internet survey, we will create a manga that seems to be most popular with the target audience. * Optional fee


Marketing Research Service


First in the industry! What is the manga production optional service "pre-production research"?

We will focus on quantitative surveys that measure the "quantity" and "ratio" of the survey target, and by reflecting the selection of manga artists and the direction of the story in the production, we will do so to increase the support from the target group. We will conduct a survey by selecting attributes close to the target group from the monitors of about 3 million people nationwide.

The survey results will be summarized in a report with aggregated figures and graphs.

Since we will produce a synopsis and illustrations of the main character for research according to the production purpose, you can decide the story and style based on the research results.

"What kind of story is popular with the target?" "What kind of style is a good impression?" You may be wondering, but you may be wondering, but you may be wondering, but you should make a hypothesis, design a question, and based on the questionnaire results. By performing verification work and making a decision, it will be easier to obtain the consent of the company, and you can expect a manga design that is more easily accepted by the target audience.

Since the number of questions in the basic plan is limited to 10, you can also conduct an awareness survey related to the items to be featured in the manga to be produced, such as evaluations and selection criteria for product categories.

Benefits of internet research before manga production

● Since the survey results can be obtained numerically, the production policy can be logically determined.
● Many answers can be obtained from your target group residing in the designated area.
● Survey results can be collected in a short period of time.

We also accept market research other than manga production. We also accept internet surveys on awareness, usage status, purchase reasons, etc. regarding target businesses, products, services, etc., so please feel free to contact us.

In addition to GT tabulation (simple tabulation), cross tabulation allows analysis of various attribute information such as age, gender, unmarried, presence of children, area of ​​residence, occupation, industry, annual income and housing style, and between questions. is. We also support FA answers (free answers).

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