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PR media "Sell! Company profile"
Special editing magazine production for business introduction

"Magazine Jack! -Selling Company Information!" Is also ideal for commemorating the anniversary or when changing to a holding company. Media editors thoroughly cover the business contents of companies and various organizations and their efforts to contribute to society, and produce all of the famous magazine brand Mook as a special article (advertorial). It is a package service produced by a special editorial magazine that disseminates information to readers nationwide by distributing and selling it at famous bookstores nationwide and Amazon Japan.

In this project, which is provided as part of PR support, the media will disseminate information about your company's characteristics and advantages nationwide. By purchasing this magazine as a company and distributing it at sales and events, you can use it as a special promotion tool.


Man's hideout special edition "Trade New Century"

Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd.

Q: What is the famous "magazine charm"?

A1: Over tens of thousands of copies are lined up in bookstores. The sense of trust in the information taken up by the media is completely different. It is read by many people as highly reliable information. Many people also "read" at bookstores, so you can expect a diffusion effect that exceeds the number of copies. It is also effective as a tool during business hours.

A2: The brand power of the magazine is effective. Each famous magazine has a fixed reader (fan) and has a sense of trust in the published information. Objective brushstrokes from an editorial standpoint are effective.

A3: It will be left in the bookstore for a long time. Unlike online news, Mook will be in a bookstore for about three months. And online sales such as amazon will be sold for a longer period of time.

Q: What are the "benefits"?

A1: Stakeholders can re-recognize the business domain of the group. For example, broaden the perspective of employees and foster a sense of unity. It is also effective for sectionalism in organizations that tend to be vertically divided. It can also be used as a supplementary business guide material for shareholders.

A2: We can expand our business by introducing solutions from other departments to our clients. The synergistic effect between companies and departments can promote information exchange between groups.

A3: "Daddy's work is cool!" By including content for children, it will be enjoyed by the family and will lead to motivation of employees. By covering industry information, it is possible to raise employee awareness.

A4: It can be used as a recruiting tool (students and careers). For example, to those who came to the company for an interview, prospective employees and parents. It raises awareness and understanding after a job offer and reduces errors such as declining a job offer. The core readers are matched to the parents generation of new graduates.

Management talks about thoughts through the media


We would like you to talk about your thoughts as a manager about the industry in media interviews.

We will talk to general readers, employees, business partners, shareholders, end users, etc. about the future of the industry, the direction of the company, the vision, etc. through the media.

Top dialogue using media


There are various projects to propose, and it is not just an interview with the management.

For example, you can set up a top-level meeting with the president of a business partner. The media will apply for coverage and set up for companies and client companies that may start dating from now on.

Appeal with overwhelming image expressiveness


Professional photographers with a wealth of experience attract readers with the overwhelming image expression unique to magazines.
We will express your business image and world view more attractively.

Introducing major businesses and domains


With the core business area as the main project, we will express your business so that readers can easily imagine your business with copywriting and index coordination unique to magazines that can not be easily expressed with ordinary company information.

Infographic industry information


"People," "things," and "things" are expressed by methods such as infographics from an economic perspective. By communicating numerical information related to your "business domain", we will provide you with more interest in the industry and new knowledge.
Readers discover new discoveries and surprises from industry information and organize your company and industry to attract the attention of job seekers and shareholders.

Dissemination of cultural and historical information


For example, we will cross over the culture and history of the business domain with the history of your company, and foster an interest in the industry and an evolving image of your company.
Maximize the appeal and story of a business backed by history and culture.

Foster a global image


We will disseminate information to stakeholders about overseas businesses and prospects, including secondary data.
For example, by sharing the direction of future overseas businesses and companies with all employees, including those who wish to join the company, we will arouse interest in further business development and motivation to work on the future.

Media interviews the image after joining the company


The media will cover senior employees. By posting the voices of senior employees, mid-career employees, and executives who are close in age, job hunters will be able to imagine their future self and career path.

From the media's point of view, we will interestingly convey to our readers the places of activity and rewards.

Active participation of female employees


About diversity initiatives
We will cover and express the activities of real female employees.
We will instill in our readers a corporate image that flexibly responds to diversity and a corporate image in which women play an active role.

Advertising effect of in-house advertising


Advertising as a magazine is also an important point. You can place multiple in-house advertisements such as major services and new services.
For example, an advertising manuscript linked to an article will contribute to conversion as well as promote awareness of your business.

It is possible to plan various advertisements such as advertisements of business partners and advertisements to express the image you want to convey.

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