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Salon de SEIUNDO

Learn from French education and parenting

"A way of life that does not use an eraser in life "

Mana Iwamoto Talk Show

Tuesday , September 19 , 2017 19:00 Start

Location: Jimbocho Book House Cafe 2nd Floor Event Hall

Kitazawa Building Book House Gallery, 2-5 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo 101-0051

Participation fee: 3,000 yen (including social gathering)  * Please make a reservation in advance and pay directly at the venue.

Includes light meals and drinks from the long-established Vietnamese restaurant "Marunouchi Saigon"

<How to apply for participation>

Please apply in advance from the Facebook site below or here.

* Maximum capacity of 50 people (in order of application)

Predicted "Birth of President Macron" two years ago. Dissect the strengths and weaknesses of French culture.
Creating the soil for "how to raise people" and "mature adult culture (sensuality)" at school and at home. Full of hints for urgent issues facing Japan, such as free education, measures against the declining birthrate, and global human resource development. The reality of France that is different from the near future depicted by Michel Houellebec's "Submission". ◆ "There is no choice question in the exam" "20 points instead of 100 points" "Ballpoint pen and fountain pen without using a pencil" "Technical points" for math answers "The price of school lunch changes depending on income" "For children Leftovers! "--French education and child-rearing that is completely different from Japan. Where do the world-leading human resources come from in arts, culture, and academia? ◆ A dermatologist who raised three boys in Paris for 20 years in France will introduce French elite education and child-rearing with episodes. For Japanese parents, there are plenty of points that can be helpful in raising their children to become first-class people. It is also suggestive to many readers who are interested in the mature French adult culture. "I've always witnessed the difference between Japan and France and thought about what's different. The first thing that came to my mind was education. (Omitted) France is different from the perspective of Japan. I don't allow it to be erased with an eraser. I use a fountain pen. What I write once remains a fact (even if I erase it with a sideline). Even if the answer is wrong in math, if it is beautiful, it will give you some points. Why? From an early age, train "the ability to deal with problems that have no correct answer". For this reason, we do not ask two-choice or three-choice questions or XX-style questions that are easy to celebrate. As all adults know, it is very rare that there is only one correct answer in <1 + 1 = 2> like the addition and subtraction of integers in life. If you hit that into your young head, you will grow up many times faster than a Japanese child who is stroking his head with <1 + 1 = 2>. Becoming an adult early means knowing the joy and pleasure of being an adult sooner and more. "

<Lecture & Author>

Mana Iwamoto

Born in Tokyo and raised in Tokyo. A dermatologist who lives brightly and vigorously in Paris, Tokyo and Phnom Penh while raising three children. After graduating from Tokyo Women's Medical University, training at the Department of Dermatology, Keio University School of Medicine, working at Saiseikai Central Hospital, etc., working as a clinician for 7 years, after getting married at the age of 25 in private, he was blessed with three boys in a row. Traveled to France. (1997) Azusa decided to divorce in France and made a conclusion from his experience of working hard as a single mother in childcare and work as "a way of life without using an eraser".

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