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「東海道五十三次絵巻 完全版」(日本橋~京都 全2巻)

「東海道五十三次絵巻 完全版」(日本橋~京都 全2巻)

SKU: 即納または受注生産

A new type of ukiyo-e picture scroll that allows you to combine and appreciate ukiyo-e that represent Edo culture and old maps.
You can experience the fashion and timeliness of the time expressed by ukiyo-e, the realistic spatiality drawn on old maps, and the commentary that tells the world view in historical and detailed manner.
It is the best product for foreigners visiting Japan and as a souvenir to take overseas.

<About Kochizu version picture scroll>

・ Ukiyo-e is not the actual size.

-Uses ukiyo-e prints created by modern digger and scraper.

・ Detailed explanations of the historical background and post stations are written in Japanese and English.

-Uses colored maps on old maps.

-The place and the direction of the line of sight that are presumed to have been drawn by Hiroshige are marked.

Nihonbashi-Mitsuke: Size 270mm x 5,886mm

Hamamatsu-Sanjo Ohashi: Size 270mm x 5,235mm
Set of 2
Paper: Bagasse

* Price breakdown: 30,000 yen for the main unit + 3,000 yen for consumption tax + 2,000 yen for shipping, etc.

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